Possibly the most peaceful start to a morning… ever

Unlike some of our other trips, this one is all about relaxation. So it was fitting that after a long day of travel, our first full day on this trip was in the sleepy town of Qala [pronounced ah-la], on Gozo Island.

It’s hard to think of a more peaceful way to start your morning than sitting on your balcony watching the sun rise, birds flying over head, the pool bubbling below and the church bells playing Ave Maria softly in the distance. I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely one of the more pleasant settings to start a morning I’ve ever experienced.

Church in the main square of Qala, Gozo, Malta

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Three things we learned on the way to Malta

Getting to Malta is actually relatively easy. There’s an international airport with flights coming in regularly from London, Holland, France and, in our case, Rome, among others.

Ferrieha Farm House in Gozo
Ferrieha Farmhouse in Gozo

As I write this, I’m sitting by the pool at our farmhouse in Gozo, but a few hours ago we thought we would be spending a little more time in Rome than planned.

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Why we decided to travel to Malta

“Malta?? Why Malta?” That was a pretty typical response when we told anyone we were gong to Malta. I would never have expected so much surprise and confusion about our choice of Malta as a travel destination. Pretty much anyone who hadn’t been there before or didn’t know someone Maltese seemed to think it was a really odd destination choice.

Helpful map from Malta-map.com

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Chasing dolphins and turtles in Oman

It’s kind of sad that Steve and the gang (a.k.a Canada’s current governing party) can cause us trouble, even on the other side of the globe, but that’s just what happened.

For the GAdventures group that we had arrived in Muscat with, the final destination on the trip was a return to Dubai. However, thanks a political tiff between Canada and the UAE government, part of Steve’s efforts to make us a less well-liked country, we couldn’t return to Dubai with the group.

Fortunately, they Oman hadn’t been offended yet and we were able to stay with the group for a quick tour of Muscat, including a visit to the palace grounds, even if they didn’t actually let us in the door.

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