On the Run Around Cork and Cobh

Time and again we’ve learned that the best way to get to know a new place is to find a local and get their recommendations. Fortunately, this is a skill Ella seems to have picked up quickly. 

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Cork Gaol – The Ultimate Timeout

It’s become a bit of a tradition for us to take the hop-on hop-off buses when we visit a new city. As I’ve mentioned in the past they’ve proven to be a good way to get around and by definition they tend to stop at many of the places you might want to visit. Besides, who doesn’t like driving around in an open-topped double decker with the wind in your hair. 


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Busting a Move in a 15th Century Castle

Today was our first day with no travel. So, what did we decide to do…well, travel to the nearby town of Blarney. I’ll give you one guess as to what we went there to see. 


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In Cork, AirBnB makes a pretty good case against hotels

Today was a travel day. Though we did manage to squeeze in the Guinness Storehouse, we decided to save more time in Dublin for the end of our trip rather than the start. After a full night’s sleep, it was an early morning to catch a train south to Cork.


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Lovely Day for a Guinness

What’s the first thing you do as tourists in Dublin with a toddler? Why a brewery, of course. More specifically the Guinness Storehouse.


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Dia duit ón Éirinn

Oh, hi. You’re still there. 

Nope, we weren’t kidnapped by the JW police for spreading bad reviews. We did actually make it home from Panama.

One of these days I’m going to figure out how to a) finish the posts through the end of a whole trip and b) keep posting something of interest between trips. The problem with that latter goal is that I can’t imagine you want to read about business trips. Then again, maybe sometime I’ll explain why it took me 48 hours to get from Halifax to Toronto by plane and how a wad of Canadian Tire money could have saved the day. But I digress…

That said, I know there is at least one reader, who isn’t related to me, who is anxiously waiting to hear how this trip goes. So, without further ado, Dia duit ón Éirinn, or hello from Ireland.


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