Forgive me Bruce, for I have sinned

For Thanksgiving this year, Katy and I thought we would do something a little different, travel without Ella. In fact, we decided that for four days we would travel the way most North American’s do. Get on a plane, go somewhere warm and experience little or nothing of the local culture. It’s not that we’ve changed our approach to travel, far from it, but it’s been a busy year and a little time to just sit with nothing to do but read a book sounded like a nice way to spend a long weekend.

After a quick look around the internet, we decided on a package deal to the Bahamas. We decided on a Sandals resort. Afterall, if you’re going to leave your toddler behind and get away for few days, it might as well be to somewhere that is totally kid-free. Of course, it’s debatable that the drunk adults at your typical all-inclusive are any better than kids where noise is concerned. They can be entertaining to watch though.

The goal for this trip was simple, relax and try not to spend time connected to the internet or work during the holiday. So, we shipped in some grandparents to take care of Ella and hopped on a budget flight to the Bahamas that was part of our all-inclusive package.

Sandals Royal Bahamian
Sandals Royal Bahamian

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