Hiking and biking around Velika Planina and Bled

After our day in Ljubljana we met back up with Bostjan to go on our first day hike to Velika Planina.

Velika Planina, Slovenia’s largest alpine meadow, is where the farmers move their animals, particularly cows, in the summer. Not surprisingly then, one thing you see a lot of along the way are cows.

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Exploring Ljubljana

With a population of around three hundred thousand, Ljubljana is not a big city but it has one thing in common with Toronto, and big cities all over the world, a struggle balancing the needs/wants of those who drive and making the city a more livable and walkable place. 

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Arriving in Slovenia

Our trip to Slovenia was organized through a company called Slotrips, more accurately a collaboration between Katy and Domen from Slotrips. They offered a great mix of self-guided and guided itineraries. We’re still mid-trip but I can safely say that they are one of the better organized companies we have ever traveled with.

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Venice in a day – ticking boxes and staying awake

When Katy realized that she would be in Milan for work, we decided to add on some time at the end for a family trip, assuming we would be in Italy, maybe spend time around Florence.

When we started looking into it and noticed just how close Slovenia is, well, let’s just say I’m writing this in Ljubljana.

As it turns out, if you’re visiting Slovenia, it’s often recommended that you fly into Venice as the closest large international airport. What we decided to do, was for Ella and I to fly to Venice and meet Katy who would take the train from Milan. Then, rather than head straight into Slovenia, we would spend the day in Venice so Ella could see where one of her favourite kids books, Olivia Goes to Venice, took place.

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Topping off our trip in Denmark with a visit to Skagen

From Fanø we hopped back on the ferry to make our way North to our last stop in Denmark, Skagen.

The drive from Esbjerg, where we drove off the ferry, to Skagen can be done in about 4 hours. We decided to take a little extra time and on the more scenic roads of the Marguerite Route. This route, which kept us closer to the west coast of Denmark also gave us chance take advantage of one last recommendation from our friends in Viborg and stop for lunch in Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii.


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Exploring Fanø by bike

From Viborg we hopped in the car for the drive down to Esbjerg where we caught the ferry to Fanø, a small island just under 3km from the mainland.

We woke up to some heavy rain in Viborg and had a wet drive down to Esbjerg. Between the pouring rain and the 1.5 km or so to our apartment from the ferry terminal, we decided to spend the extra money and take our car on the ferry rather than leave it on the mainland.

Like Hven, a trip to Fanø is in some ways a trip back in time. The streets are incredibly quiet and while cars are permitted on the island, they are certainly outnumbered by bikes. Continue reading “Exploring Fanø by bike”

A lesson in hyggelig

The next stop on our tour of Denmark was the town of Viborg, actually a small village outside of Viborg.

Viborg may not be a well known tourist destination, but it is home to our friends Sanne Maj and Kasper whom we met travelling in Jordan back in 2010. Continue reading “A lesson in hyggelig”

Theme park showdown: Legoland vs. Disney World

If you had told me last year that I would be going to both Disney World and Legoland in the same year, I would have called you crazy. I’m not sure that I even knew that Legoland existed 12 months ago.

Here we are though, visiting Legoland less than 6 months after a weekend at Disney World. Continue reading “Theme park showdown: Legoland vs. Disney World”

Exploring Egeskov Castle

After a great week in Copenhagen, it was time for us to hit the road. We’ll spend the rest of our time here in Denmark making our way around the country with a few stops before we finish in Skagen at the northern tip of the country.

Our first stop was Egeskov Castle. The 460 year old castle is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe, or so says the website. Continue reading “Exploring Egeskov Castle”

Cruising Copenhagen

Back from Hven, with a nice dinner from Green Sushi in our bellies and a good night’s sleep back in our apartment, we were ready for our last two days exploring Copenhagen.

Our first stop was the Rundetaarn (Round Tower). Like many of the notable structures in Copenhagen, it was built during the reign of Christian IV. The tower is known for the observatory on top and equestrian staircase that allows you to walk to the top of the tower on a wide sloping ramp.

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