Exploring Fanø by bike

From Viborg we hopped in the car for the drive down to Esbjerg where we caught the ferry to Fanø, a small island just under 3km from the mainland.

We woke up to some heavy rain in Viborg and had a wet drive down to Esbjerg. Between the pouring rain and the 1.5 km or so to our apartment from the ferry terminal, we decided to spend the extra money and take our car on the ferry rather than leave it on the mainland.

Like Hven, a trip to Fanø is in some ways a trip back in time. The streets are incredibly quiet and while cars are permitted on the island, they are certainly outnumbered by bikes. Continue reading “Exploring Fanø by bike”


A lesson in hyggelig

The next stop on our tour of Denmark was the town of Viborg, actually a small village outside of Viborg.

Viborg may not be a well known tourist destination, but it is home to our friends Sanne Maj and Kasper whom we met travelling in Jordan back in 2010. Continue reading “A lesson in hyggelig”

Theme park showdown: Legoland vs. Disney World

If you had told me last year that I would be going to both Disney World and Legoland in the same year, I would have called you crazy. I’m not sure that I even knew that Legoland existed 12 months ago.

Here we are though, visiting Legoland less than 6 months after a weekend at Disney World. Continue reading “Theme park showdown: Legoland vs. Disney World”

Exploring Egeskov Castle

After a great week in Copenhagen, it was time for us to hit the road. We’ll spend the rest of our time here in Denmark making our way around the country with a few stops before we finish in Skagen at the northern tip of the country.

Our first stop was Egeskov Castle. The 460 year old castle is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe, or so says the website. Continue reading “Exploring Egeskov Castle”

Cruising Copenhagen

Back from Hven, with a nice dinner from Green Sushi in our bellies and a good night’s sleep back in our apartment, we were ready for our last two days exploring Copenhagen.

Our first stop was the Rundetaarn (Round Tower). Like many of the notable structures in Copenhagen, it was built during the reign of Christian IV. The tower is known for the observatory on top and equestrian staircase that allows you to walk to the top of the tower on a wide sloping ramp.

Continue reading “Cruising Copenhagen”

A hop over to Hven

Long, long ago, a.k.a before Ella joined our travelling band, we used to venture to more exotic and rugged places with G Adventures.

Along with G Adventures doing all of the planning and legwork, one of the nice things was meeting some great people along the way, and a few… interesting ones. We seemed to have particularly good luck with the Danes we met, which is part of how we find ourselves in Denmark now.

One of those nice Danes was Tina, also known as Danish Katy. We met Tina when we were travelling through Belize in 2009 and she and Katy hit it off immediately. Though they only spent 10 days together on that trip, they quickly discovered they had much in common. Then years, distance, and the arrival of children got in the way, so we were looking forward to catching up with her.

When Katy reached out about connecting on this trip, Tina suggested that we join her family for a camping trip to the island of Hven. Continue reading “A hop over to Hven”

What a bike tour of Copenhagen has in common with winning the Tour de France

After a night’s sleep (I won’t say good, as Ella had me up a few times) we were ready to get back to exploring Copenhagen.

We had booked a city tour with Copenhagen Bicycles. Located in Nyhavn near the new bicycle bridge, they were just a 10 minute walk from our apartment.IMG_0947

Continue reading “What a bike tour of Copenhagen has in common with winning the Tour de France”

Arriving in Copenhagen

We’ve arrived in Copenhagen and just like that our latest adventure is underway.

For the first time in years, this trip won’t include any new countries for me. I was here 20 years ago. (I still have a hard time believing that I did anything “20 years ago”, let alone visiting a country.) Both Ella and Katy will be adding to their lists though. This is Katy’s first visit to Denmark while Ella will be visiting both Denmark and Sweden for the first time. Continue reading “Arriving in Copenhagen”

Climbing around Valparaiso

Our last stop in Chile was Valparaiso. The city rose to prominence as a major stop on the route to California during the 1849 Gold Rush. Today it’s better known for steep hills and street art.

IMG_0278.jpg Continue reading “Climbing around Valparaiso”

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