JW vs Wyndham: A tale of two sushi restaurants

As you may have read, we didn’t have the best experience with the JW Marriott in Panama. We won’t be going back, but what if you want to stay there? What was the hotel actually like during the time that we were there and how did it compare to the Wyndham Grand, where they sent us for a couple of nights?

If you’re heading to the Farallón region of Panama and you’re deciding between these two resorts, the question you have to ask yourself is, am I a glutton? Oddly enough, that one question will probably put you in the resort that’s right for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Let me think about this...
Let me think about this…

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3 reasons we won’t stay at a JW Marriott again

We’re in Panama now, but bare with me for a moment while I take you back a couple of days to when we were still in Curacao. One morning, as I was reading and Ella was having a nap, Katy looked up from the computer and said, “we just got kicked out of the JW!”

As you can imagine, this came as a bit of a surprise. I’ve never been pre-emptively kicked out of a hotel before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been kicked out of one at all. So what happened? Read on family and friends, read on…

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Three lazy days in Curacao.

When you’ve driven from one end of a country to the other (even if that country is a constituent of a larger kingdom), I think it’s fair to say you’ve earned some rest. So, with three days left in Curacao, our agenda wasn’t exactly packed: beaches, pools, eating, the occasional run, and sleep. Not a bad way to spend a few days if you ask me.



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Exploring Willemstad – A missed opportunity for Iguana Soup

The inner city and harbour of Willemstad have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site which made it a pretty good place to start our exploration of the island. If you google Willemstad, Curacao’s capital city, chances are you’ll find a picture of the colourful buildings lining Sint Anna Bay, so I’ll save you the trouble.

Ella was far to interested the sites to pose for pictures.
Ella was far to interested the sites to pose for pictures.

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The Dutch might be onto something

It turns out that we didn’t book a hotel room in Curacao, we booked a house. Ok, we knew that what we had booked was a separate little villa, but it’s way bigger than we would have imagined and definitely bigger than our old condo. We also had no idea how many families with babies we would find here. The place is literally crawling with them. (Bazinga!)


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Why does our baby suck at packing?

Ella’s just turned 10 months and we’re off on our third vacation as a travelling trio. Having tackled Turkey at 4 months and a long weekend in NYC at 8 months, we decided the third and final trip of Ella’s first year on earth would take us south to Curacao and Panama.

Ella "in" Curacao.
Ella “in” Curacao.

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