“Why are you going there!?”

It’s amazing how often we get this question when we tell people about our next trip.

Often the answer comes down to the simple fact that we haven’t been yet. If you’re interested in our latest trip updates, pictures or what we’ve got planned for future trips, this is the place to find it. While the posts here may not be limited to our travels, our trips will be the most common topic.

Why 192 reasons?

Today the United Nations has 193 Member States, but when we started this blog there were 192. Each offers the promise of unique experiences, interesting people and cultures, and a chance to learn and grow. Katy and I have been to 60 and 56 (as of January 2019) countries respectively, so we’ve got a lot of travelling to do and no shortage of reasons to keep doing it. Ella joined our travels in 2013 but she’s catching up quickly with 20 countries visited by age 5.

If you see anything interesting or have any questions, please leave a comment and let us know.

Dave, Katy and Ella

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  1. Congratulations. We have never counted the number countries we visited. Once a year I count from how many countries my visitors came. The number is in my About-page.

    Happy blogging and travels!


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