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A Day at Carnaval

Dog sledding is definitely a highlight, but Quebec City has a lot more to offer, especially during Carnival. Unlike Toronto, winter has not gone missing in Quebec this year.

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Dog Sledding in Quebec During Carnaval

If it’s winter and you’re in Quebec City, dog sledding is an experience you shouldn’t miss. If you’re in town during Carnaval it can be done up on the Plains of Abraham, but we’d recommend making the trip to one … Continue reading

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We’ve come to Quebec in search of the elusive winter

Winter is missing. I don’t know about where you live, but in my neck of the woods, the weather’s been nothing short of weird. I can’t remember the last time I went for a run in January in shorts without … Continue reading

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5 things you shouldn’t miss in Chicago

I haven’t been to Chicago myself but I do have it on good authority that it’s a great city to visit. So, with an assist from Katy, here are 5 things worth the flight to Chicago:

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How Porter Airlines drove my mother-in-law to tears.

Porter Airlines is probably our favourite North American airline, at least they were until they made my mother-in-law cry. Now, I’m lucky enough to have a great mother-in-law. I know not everyone is so fortunate, but I like mine very … Continue reading

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Heading to the Boston Aquarium? Borrow a toddler.

After the excitement of the whale tour, the rest of our stay in Boston was pretty calm as we took advantage of the opportunity to visit with some friends living in the Boston area.

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Whale Watching in Boston? Prepare for Evasive Maneuvers.

“It’s hard to decide which is more exciting: catching a glimpse of the world’s largest mammal or the high-speed boat ride to get you there.” That’s how the description of the Hi-Speed Catamaran Whale watching boat ride starts. Maybe we … Continue reading

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