Stray dogs, sopaipillas and a Nobel Laureate

As our third and final Santiago bike tour with La Bicicleta Verda started, we were quickly joined by our third ‘unofficial’ guide Rojo.

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Cruising around a winery

Drinking and biking don’t typically mix all that well, but when done in the safe confines of a vineyard on a beautiful sunny day, it’s hard to see a downside.

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Santiago by bus and by bike

Up next on our Santiago itinerary, Latin America’s tallest tower, a bus and a bike ride around town.

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First impressions of Santiago

As I sit down here in Santiago, Chile to write this post, it occurs to me just how spoiled we are. Our last international trip, 4 days in Bermuda, didn’t even warrant a post. Short version to get you caught up: still loved it, still not cheap, we’ll be returning. Back to the current trip: We’re in Chile!


This trip did not necessarily get off to the start we had been hoping for. The night before our departure Ella woke up repeatedly in the middle of the night and eventually got sick. I think this was mostly out of excitement to be leaving, but unfortunate nonetheless. By about 4am we had everything cleaned up and were all back to bed but it was a sign of fatigue to come.

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Chillin’ in The Pearl

For our last few days in Qatar we decided to spend some time in our temporary neighbourhood, the Pearl, and relax. The Pearl is a man made island, part community, part luxury resort.


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Fish, ghosts and princess towers in Northern Qatar

We’re back in Doha and have a few days left before we have to head back home to reality. While we’ll spend most of our remaining time relaxing, we still had a little more of Qatar to see. Having seen the sand dunes to the south during our first stay in Doha, this time we’re heading to the northern regions of Qatar.


Ella suggested that we travel by oryx. Unfortunately these ones were busy at the airport so we had to rely on a truck.  Continue reading

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Hanging with the cool kids on Al Dar Island

Like many travellers, we often take a look at Trip Advisor to get a sense of whether something, be it a restaurant, a hotel, or an activity, is worth while. The reviews for a place like Al Dar Island are tricky. People really seem to hate it or love it. The truth?

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