To build a great mosque you need to break a few eggs

Travel time again. For those of you counting, this is trip number two since the launch of DJG and Katy’s implementation of a temporary travel ban. Clearly her need to travel is stronger than her fear that we’ll starve with me making a startup income instead of a corporate paycheque. That, or her confidence in the eventual success of DJG is growing 😉

This time, we’re off to Morocco. It’s a short trip, relatively speaking, so we won’t see all the highlights of the country, but it should be a nice appetizer. Continue reading “To build a great mosque you need to break a few eggs”

Volcanoes, politics and religion

Whether to climb up a tiny volcano, climb in, and float around in a pool of warm mud isn’t a decision I ever imagined I would be faced with. So, when Katy asked if I thought we should do it, I said sure.


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Shopping in Cartagena and the castle destroying dog of Isleta

After a great day at Playa Blanca, we decided to spend some time wandering around the walled city.

Our primary mission was a stop at the market stalls at Plaza de las Boveda so Katy and Ella could do a little shopping.

IMG_9512 Continue reading “Shopping in Cartagena and the castle destroying dog of Isleta”

Getting away to Playa Blanca

With daytime temperatures reaching the mid 30’s in Cartagena, a trip to the beach was a pretty obvious activity. Fortunately, Katy had planned for this. While there are many beaches around town, they’re not the nicest and several people suggested we make the trip out to Playa Blanca.

It turned out to be advice we’ll happily pass on to others.

IMG_1289 Continue reading “Getting away to Playa Blanca”

Cartagena: A bike ride and dinner in prison

Time for us to set out again. This time Cartagena, Colombia.

We’d been talking about coming to Colombia for over a year. In fact, the original plan for our winter trip last year was Colombia before it got too expensive and complicated, and we opted for Chile. All that to say, no, we didn’t decide to go to Colombia after watching Narcos on Netflix.

Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better.

If you’re reading this you may know that I’m involved in a new company, the DX Institute. The trade-off for getting to pursue this new opportunity, is the loss of a stable corporate pay cheque. Something that comes in handy when faced with the unfortunate reality of travel costs. As part of our temporary family belt-tightening plan we had a temporary travel ban. I think it lasted 6 weeks. Then Katy found a deal that was too good to pass up. So, here we are.

How good was this deal you ask? Continue reading “Cartagena: A bike ride and dinner in prison”

Why we keep going back to Bermuda

When someone finds out about our frequent travels the next question is, almost inevitably, what’s your favourite place? My typical answer is that I really don’t have a favourite. Each place is so different from the next. I could tell you that Vietnam probably had my favourite food, or that Climbing Kilimanjaro and visiting with the gorillas in Uganda were two of my favourite experiences, but that doesn’t mean they were my absolute favourites.

One place that is working hard to make a case for favourite status is Bermuda. I’ve never written about it, but as I write this we’re flying back from our third visit in as many years. We never go back to the same place! So why do we keep going back to Bermuda?

For starters, it’s a beautiful place.

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Topping off our trip in Denmark with a visit to Skagen

From Fanø we hopped back on the ferry to make our way North to our last stop in Denmark, Skagen.

The drive from Esbjerg, where we drove off the ferry, to Skagen can be done in about 4 hours. We decided to take a little extra time and on the more scenic roads of the Marguerite Route. This route, which kept us closer to the west coast of Denmark also gave us chance take advantage of one last recommendation from our friends in Viborg and stop for lunch in Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii.


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Exploring Fanø by bike

From Viborg we hopped in the car for the drive down to Esbjerg where we caught the ferry to Fanø, a small island just under 3km from the mainland.

We woke up to some heavy rain in Viborg and had a wet drive down to Esbjerg. Between the pouring rain and the 1.5 km or so to our apartment from the ferry terminal, we decided to spend the extra money and take our car on the ferry rather than leave it on the mainland.

Like Hven, a trip to Fanø is in some ways a trip back in time. The streets are incredibly quiet and while cars are permitted on the island, they are certainly outnumbered by bikes. Continue reading “Exploring Fanø by bike”

A lesson in hyggelig

The next stop on our tour of Denmark was the town of Viborg, actually a small village outside of Viborg.

Viborg may not be a well known tourist destination, but it is home to our friends Sanne Maj and Kasper whom we met travelling in Jordan back in 2010. Continue reading “A lesson in hyggelig”

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