Christ, smaller in person than you would think.

Our first day in Rio de Janeiro started with a predawn trek through Paraty to catch the bus. Fortunately, we had picked up the tickets the day before so it wasn’t a problem when the ticket booth for the bus company wasn’t open. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, sitting at a bus station at 5:00am before dawn means keeping an eye on some suspect looking individuals. Of course, it was 5:00am and I hadn’t had a shower or any coffee, so it’s entirely possible others were keeping an eye on me.

After a very scenic tour along Costa Verde, our bus worked it’s way into downtown Rio. ¬†All the while we kept an eye out for what is probably Rio’s best known attraction, the Cristo Redentor statue (Christ the Redeemer), which overlooks the city from high on Corcovado mountain. Do you know what went through my head upon first seeing this world-famous site on the horizon? Continue reading “Christ, smaller in person than you would think.”

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