Whale Watching in Boston? Prepare for Evasive Maneuvers.

“It’s hard to decide which is more exciting: catching a glimpse of the world’s largest mammal or the high-speed boat ride to get you there.”

That’s how the description of the Hi-Speed Catamaran Whale watching boat ride starts. Maybe we should have known better (a three hour tour anyone?) but it sounds promising, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought.¬†As we headed towards the wharf to board our boat, I didn’t realize that we were in for a slightly different voyage. While not exactly the experience promised above, ours was definitely memorable and, well I’d even say exciting. Let’s make this educational and break it down into a few important whale watching lessons. Continue reading “Whale Watching in Boston? Prepare for Evasive Maneuvers.”

First 24 Hours in Boston – A little bit tourist, a touch of local.

Not every trip can last weeks and take place in a far-off land, at least not as long as you have an employer who expects you to be working more than you’re on vacation. Of course, even if you were an independently wealthy super villain, limiting yourself to big trips would mean missing out on some of the great things a little closer to home. So, time and budget permitting, we try and take shorter weekend trips to get a travel fix while working towards the next big trip.

From Toronto, Boston is only an hour and a half away and proved to be a great destination for a recent weekend trip. Not only is it close enough to Continue reading “First 24 Hours in Boston – A little bit tourist, a touch of local.”

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