The end of free flights

We’re approaching the end of an important period in our travel lives. As of next month, Ella will no longer be able to fly for free (or nearly free in some cases). Anyone who has flown with a toddler will know that we come to this milestone with mixed emotions. We’re really looking forward to Ella having her own seat, but it’s going to suck to have to pay for it.

We decided that to celebrate/mourn this transition, we’d best travel to some far flung location and squeeze as much value as possible out of Ella’s final free flights. As luck would have it, we have some friends, Kevin and Vanessa, currently living in South Africa. (If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember them from Vietnam.)

Let’s see, Canada to the southern-most tip of Africa…carry the one. Yep, that counts as far.

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Dia duit ón Éirinn

Oh, hi. You’re still there. 

Nope, we weren’t kidnapped by the JW police for spreading bad reviews. We did actually make it home from Panama.

One of these days I’m going to figure out how to a) finish the posts through the end of a whole trip and b) keep posting something of interest between trips. The problem with that latter goal is that I can’t imagine you want to read about business trips. Then again, maybe sometime I’ll explain why it took me 48 hours to get from Halifax to Toronto by plane and how a wad of Canadian Tire money could have saved the day. But I digress…

That said, I know there is at least one reader, who isn’t related to me, who is anxiously waiting to hear how this trip goes. So, without further ado, Dia duit ón Éirinn, or hello from Ireland.


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Why does our baby suck at packing?

Ella’s just turned 10 months and we’re off on our third vacation as a travelling trio. Having tackled Turkey at 4 months and a long weekend in NYC at 8 months, we decided the third and final trip of Ella’s first year on earth would take us south to Curacao and Panama.

Ella "in" Curacao.
Ella “in” Curacao.

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