A Day at Carnaval

Dog sledding is definitely a highlight, but Quebec City has a lot more to offer, especially during Carnival.

The snowy streets of Quebec City.
Snow streets of Quebec City.

Unlike Toronto, winter has not gone missing in Quebec this year.

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Dog Sledding in Quebec During Carnaval

If it’s winter and you’re in Quebec City, dog sledding is an experience you shouldn’t miss. If you’re in town during Carnaval it can be done up on the Plains of Abraham, but we’d recommend making the trip to one of the dog sledding companies outside the city for a more authentic experience.

Putting our hunt for Bonhomme temporarily on hold, we went to Aventure Plein-Air Inukshuk and would highly recommend them. Continue reading “Dog Sledding in Quebec During Carnaval”

We’ve come to Quebec in search of the elusive winter

Winter is missing. I don’t know about where you live, but in my neck of the woods, the weather’s been nothing short of weird. I can’t remember the last time I went for a run in January in shorts without having to fly to a warmer climate. This year it’s happened twice.

The “scientists” say that an Arctic osscilation is holding back the jet stream and causing unseasonably warm weather. Maybe that’s part of it, or maybe it’s something more sinister. Either way, we’ve decided to set out in search of the missing winter. Continue reading “We’ve come to Quebec in search of the elusive winter”

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