Same, Same, Different

Made it to Hoi An today.

The drive from Hue to Hoi An was an interesting one, full of honking and swerving into oncoming traffic. I find driving along the highways in “developing” countries really interesting. It gives you a feel for the scale of the country, let’s you see how people get around and gives you a glimpse into life outside of the cities. It’s also interesting because it’s so similar in many countries, be it here in Asia, in South America or Africa… Yet, it’s also different. As they would say here, “same, same, different”.

The differences are easy to spot, rice paddies here in Vietnam vs. dessert in Jordan, but it’s harder to put a finger on the similarities. For one thing there is the idea that lines on the road are really just suggestions. Of course there’s the road quality, but that varies even if you move from Ontario to Quebec. Perhaps the unifying thing about countries like Vietnam is that life really exists on the side of the road. People are waiting for buses, live stock is roaming around and there are stalls everywhere.

Anyway, I suppose that’s more of a thought of the day than an update, but that’s all I’ve got for now. The hotel here has wifi in the rooms, so I’ll get a post up about Hue tomorrow. I the meantime it’s getting late and we have plans to be up early at the market to see the fish come in.

One picture from Hue:

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