3 Meals, 3 Countries, 1 Day

While we were touring the Brazillian side of the falls with Katy, Michelle, and Rebecca they mentioned a plan to have three meals in three diffrent countries all in the same day. Unfortunately they hadn’t been able to make it work. So, we decided that we would take care of it. The plan was to have breakfast at the hotel in Brazil and lunch in Argentina while visiting the falls from that side. The only tricky part would be getting over to Paraguay for dinner.

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Buenos Aires – Started the day with the dead, thought we might join them at the end.

Our last day in Buenos Aires was a relatively calm one. Our flight to Iguassu didn’t leave until 7:05 in the evening so we had most of the day free to explore a bit more.

We decided to get up fairly early and go see the Floralis GenĂ©rica, a giant aluminum flower sculpture that “blooms” each morning at 8:00 am. Or so the guidebook told us. Continue reading “Buenos Aires – Started the day with the dead, thought we might join them at the end.”

Buenos Aires – Tango, sight-seeing and an unexpected run.

To be fair, it’s been grey and rainy, we were fresh off the plane and it was only the first day, but Buenos Aires did not jump immediately to the top of my ‘favourite places’ list.

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The Magic Globe has spoken…

One of the questions we get most about our travels, even more than “why are you going there?”, is “how do you choose where you’re going to go next?”

Well, I’ve been reluctant to share this, but we have a Magic Globe. We found Continue reading “The Magic Globe has spoken…”

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