Wait, why does the ferry have mini-garbage bags on the tables?

With our time in Helsinki at an end it was time to head over to our next destination: Tallinn, Estonia.


How does one get from Helsinki to Tallinn. There are a few options, but we opted for the fastest, most direct – a high speed ferry across the Gulf of Finland.

If you’ve been following us on this journey you might recall my saying that I always enjoy a boat ride, well, there are some exceptions to that. Our ferry ride to Tallinn from Helsinki might just qualify.

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Colonia – There’s more to Uruguay than rain.

On our second day in Argentina we decided to leave the country and take the ferry across the river plate to Colonia in Uruguay. This was recommended both by the guide books and by a Uruguayan coworker of mine who said Colonia was nicer than Montevideo and definitely worth the trip.

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