Our fast-paced tour of Sri Lanka Begins

With a milestone birthday approaching, Katy had three things she wanted to accomplish: 1) pay off the mortgage, 2) swim with whale sharks, and 3) go to the Maldives. Since she was kind enough to support me as I launched a startup this past year, objective one has been delayed so we decided to take care of the other two.

But wait, you say, the subject line here says Sri Lanka. WTF?

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United/Continental merger shows no signs of improved quality.

And we’re off. After scrambling through my least favourite part of travel, desperately trying to get things set at work before leaving, we’re on our way to Argentina. Unfortunately, this requires a bit of my second least favourite part of travel, flying. Don’t get me wrong, I love where affordable air travel allows us to go, but have to admit Continue reading “United/Continental merger shows no signs of improved quality.”

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