Wait, why does the ferry have mini-garbage bags on the tables?

With our time in Helsinki at an end it was time to head over to our next destination: Tallinn, Estonia.


How does one get from Helsinki to Tallinn. There are a few options, but we opted for the fastest, most direct – a high speed ferry across the Gulf of Finland.

If you’ve been following us on this journey you might recall my saying that I always enjoy a boat ride, well, there are some exceptions to that. Our ferry ride to Tallinn from Helsinki might just qualify.

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Porvoo – maybe it’s for you. (I’m here through Tuesday don’t forget to tip your waitress)

The other day we decided we would hop on a bus and get the Helsinki out of … well, Helsinki. Our destination? The town of Porvoo.


As it turned out hoping on the bus wasn’t quite as simple as we thought it would be. We were only a 5 minute walk from the bus terminal in the Kampi shopping centre. From there, buses run frequently to Porvoo, a 50 minute drive away. It all seemed so easy, at least until we got to the bus station. Once we were there we found very little information on where to get the buses and no transit people to talk to.  Continue reading “Porvoo – maybe it’s for you. (I’m here through Tuesday don’t forget to tip your waitress)”

Helsinki by sea

Back in Helsinki we woke to find the clouds had cleared leaving us a beautiful day to continue our exploration of the city. With perfect weather we decided it was about time we took to the water to get a different perspective on the city.DSC_0559

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Fiskars, so much more than scissors

Did you know you’ve probably used scissors from Finland? That’s right, chances are pretty good that at some point in your life you’ve used a pair of Fiskars scissors. You may not have noticed, unless you’re some kind of scissor aficionado, but you probably recognize the iconic orange handled scissors in the picture below. fiskars scissors

Well, we can now say that we’ve been to the birthplace of these scissors. I can’t say that I had heard of them, but they are familiar. Fiskars was just one of the stops on our trip back to Helsinki from Hanko.  Continue reading “Fiskars, so much more than scissors”

Hopping around Helsinki

How we chose to spend our first full day in Helsinki won’t be a shocker to anyone who’s read this blog before. That’s right, we started with a hop-on-hop-off bus tour.

Helsinki Market Square

Having already seen the Market Square, there were three stops we figured we would hop off and take a look around, the Temppeliaukio Church (aka the Rock Church), Sibelius Monument, and Olympic Stadium.  Continue reading “Hopping around Helsinki”

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