3 Meals, 3 Countries, 1 Day

While we were touring the Brazillian side of the falls with Katy, Michelle, and Rebecca they mentioned a plan to have three meals in three diffrent countries all in the same day. Unfortunately they hadn’t been able to make it work. So, we decided that we would take care of it. The plan was to have breakfast at the hotel in Brazil and lunch in Argentina while visiting the falls from that side. The only tricky part would be getting over to Paraguay for dinner.

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Dangling from a rope at Iguassu Falls

Our first day in Foz do Iguassu had a very civilized start. We booked this part of the trip through G Adventures (formally known as GAP Adventures – apparently people confuse cheap, crappy clothes and adventure travel) and we weren’t meeting the local guideĀ until 10:45 am. After a busy few days in Buenos Aires, and the rocky flight the night before, it was nice to sleep in a little. Continue reading “Dangling from a rope at Iguassu Falls”

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