Hiking and biking around Velika Planina and Bled

After our day in Ljubljana we met back up with Bostjan to go on our first day hike to Velika Planina.

Velika Planina, Slovenia’s largest alpine meadow, is where the farmers move their animals, particularly cows, in the summer. Not surprisingly then, one thing you see a lot of along the way are cows.

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Exploring Ljubljana

With a population of around three hundred thousand, Ljubljana is not a big city but it has one thing in common with Toronto, and big cities all over the world, a struggle balancing the needs/wants of those who drive and making the city a more livable and walkable place. 

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Arriving in Slovenia

Our trip to Slovenia was organized through a company called Slotrips, more accurately a collaboration between Katy and Domen from Slotrips. They offered a great mix of self-guided and guided itineraries. We’re still mid-trip but I can safely say that they are one of the better organized companies we have ever traveled with.

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