Vietnam first impression and a couple of pictures

It’s been about 27 hours since we got up, so its definitely time for bed and I’ll keep this short.

The one thing that has struck me so far is how similar the drive in from the airport to the city is, regardless of the city. The people have been nice so far and the hotel room is much nicer than anticipated.

Looking forward to getting out to see Hanoi in the daylight tomorrow.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Katy’s first thought upon reaching the hotel.

Killing some time in Hong Kong’s airport

2 thoughts on “Vietnam first impression and a couple of pictures

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  1. Katy your hotel room looks great,time to relax for a moment,before the vacation tours. The airport looks interesting,but are you sure, you are not in the Kid’s play section,the chairs look very small to sit in. Enjoy the up comming vacation. Dad.


  2. Okay – so my other comment was a bit late. It just popped up on my Google Reader.
    You’ve made it to Hanoi! We expect the photos to get more exciting.

    Watson has been fed – he is in the “You are my most favourite person in the world” phase right now. A few days and we’ll be at “Oh, you again?”.



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