Hanoi is a one day city.

After some much needed sleep we got our first real look at Hanoi today. The conclusion: Hanoi is a one day city. This doesn’t mean that you couldn’t spend more time here, just that you can easily see all the highlights and not feel like you’ve missed anything.

A few highlights:

One thing that struck me was the subtle propaganda that still runs through official information. Actually, “local spin” might be more accurate. An example is the text in the exhibits at the Lao Ho prison, that describes “the imperialist” Americans and the “patriotic revolutionaries”. A little different from how our neighbors would describe things.

Koto, a non-profit restaurant that trains street kids for work in the service industry while giving them a safe place to live and an education was a get places for lunch. That’s true whether or not you know about the positive impact it’s having.

Some things are easier to show than tell so, few pictures: (video may follow, if i can get the upload to work)

Katy makes a new friend.

And of course, traffic:

2 thoughts on “Hanoi is a one day city.

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  1. Katy,the pictures are very interesting,.. but I think Dave should have been pedling the bike,but not through that traffic.Your much taller than your new found tour guide. Carry on, in your next new adventures. Dad


  2. This is really neat – I am impressed that you are finding the time to keep us all posted. I am off to Winnipeg tomorrow, but do not look for blog updates on the visit.


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