Somewhere between Hanoi and Hue…

So, I’m not that old, but it’s amazing how the technology side of travel has changed. I remember standing in random phone booths in Europe to be able to check in with home. Now, I’m lying on an overnight train from Hanoi to Hue updating a blog.

Despite the uncooperative weather, cold and rainy, Halong Bay was still beautiful and well worth the three hour drive from Hanoi. The stunning islands are apparently the result of selective erosion or dragons, depending on who you choose to believe; obviously the rational person will believe dragons.

The Junk Boat on which we spent the night was anything but junky. Our room, yes we had a private room, came with a double bed and private bathroom including a shower with hot water. The food on the boat, primarily seafood, was plentiful to say the least. For the vegetarians among us, it came in the form of every vegetable or fruit on the boat deep fried. normally I lose weight when we travel…that doesn’t look likely this time.

Halong Bay – squid fishing in a UNESCO site

Squid fishing is easier than you would think, after bobbing a lure up and down for 20 minutes or so we had an excited squid trying to ink on our guide.

We also had a chance to get out on kayaks with Mr. Ha in the morning before heading back to port. Our early morning start time paid off when we found ourselves alone in the lagoon.

Halong Bay picture of Mr. Ha leading the way.

Overnight trains – not for those over 6 ft.

So, the sleepers in the overnight train aren’t meant for the tall, but I can hardly complain. While we can at least stretch out a bit and are only on the train for 13 hours. Those in the “hard chair” carriage ahead of us have only wooden benches. To make it worse, many of them while be making the trip all the way down to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), a trip that takes three days and two nights.

4 thoughts on “Somewhere between Hanoi and Hue…

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  1. Katy and Dave Halong Bay looks very spectacular,the islands are steep and huge when you see them up close. Sounds like your accomodations are resonable,with a little added adventure. Can’t wait to see your next stop,..maybe it will warm up and have some sun for you. Bye for now Stan.


  2. Halong Bay looks just like I imagined it would. I think that the dreary day adds to the atmosphere of the photo, if that makes you feel any better! 🙂 Here’s hoping that the sunshine and heat return in Hue. If it makes you feel any better we’re still wearing winter coats in the Valley!


  3. With ever rising gas prices I can totally see your dad pedalling a tuk tuk into McDonald’s each morning! maybe I’ll really let him feel the burn and join him! 🙂 They say everyone has a twin and I think you were looking straight into her eyes Katy so I need that picture to replace the one on the wall unit. Not sure about the fish eating away at my feet but then again I might fit into a smaller shoe size when all is said and done…adventure on!


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