“Are you allergic to fish, or you just don’t like it…”

Our trip home was relatively uneventful. Our flight out of Bangkok to Tokyo left just after 8:00 in the morning and the free hotel shuttle got us to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We managed to get ourselves the bulkhead seats again, without even paying the extra $75 each, so the nearly 6 hour flight to Tokyo was painless. Unfortunately the Thai Airways entertainment system didn’t work, but I managed to pass the time with my iPad. Katy had some old fashioned paper magazines. Not nearly as cool, but it seemed to work for her.

We had a tight connection in Tokyo, but in our very brief time there it seemed to be a well run place and we breezed through the security.  We were quickly on our Air Canada flight to Toronto within 15 minutes. Sadly, we didn’t have any luck getting the seats with the extra room for this 12 hour flight. Somehow when we were paying the fee for the good seats on the Toronto – Hong Kong flight (16 hours) we convinced ourselves that we should just take our chances on the Tokyo – Toronto flight (12 hours). This seemed like a pretty stupid decision as we settled into our seats.

Unfortunately, to add to the cramped conditions, Air Canada decided that Katy didn’t need to eat during the flight. In the course of 12 hours they served 3 meals, and managed to screw up Katy’s each time. Despite having booked the vegetarian option, Katy’s first meal was chicken. (Actually I should have kept it as it was better than the normal chicken). Apparently it had been mislabelled and they had no other options available. The second time she was told there just wasn’t an alternative to the chicken noodle soup and the third time they actually gave her meal away to another woman in our row in error. Sadly, the woman ate it without wondering why she had been served ahead of time. The flight attendants, clearly a bit flustered at this point, actually asked Katy if she was allergic to fish, or just didn’t like it. I guess the implication was that since they couldn’t deliver what was ordered, maybe Katy should just eat what they gave her.

Food issues aside, the rest of the flight was relatively painless. After the flight we made it home and even managed to stay awake until 10:00 pm in the hope that this would somehow ease the jet lag. Lying in bed staring at the ceiling at 3:30 the next morning it was pretty clear it hadn’t worked.

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