Exploring Ljubljana

With a population of around three hundred thousand, Ljubljana is not a big city but it has one thing in common with Toronto, and big cities all over the world, a struggle balancing the needs/wants of those who drive and making the city a more livable and walkable place. 

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Exploring Jardin Majorelle

For our last few days in Morocco, we headed back to Marrakech for a brief stopover before making our way to the coast to see El Jadida and then on to Casablanca to catch our flight home.

Our base for our second stint in Marrakech was another riad booked through Airbnb, this time in a different part of the medina. The new location was definitely easier to find than the last one, though it was by no means simple. Being in a different part of town (roughly a 40 min walk across the centre of the medina from our last one) meant that we had easy walking access to some new restaurants and the Jardin Majorelle, the last attraction on our list for this trip.

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Marrakech by bike

Sadly, our second night of sleep in Morocco wasn’t as magical as the first. Ignoring the fatigue we dragged ourselves out of bed for our first full day in the city. There’s really no better way to get around a city than by bike so that’s how we started our day. Filled with a delicious breakfast made by Saida, we set out to to find Mohamed L. (there are three in the company so the initial is important, he said) at Argon Sports bike tours.

Bikes are the new buses

While we still love a good hop-on-hop-off bus ride, bike tours have taken their place as our first stop when looking for ways to explore a new city. First, it’s way more fun to ride a bike than sit on a bus. Second, we get to interact with a live guide on a private or small tour, both during the stops and as we ride along. Third, making your way through traffic on a bike is a great way to get a feel for a city. Continue reading “Marrakech by bike”

Cartagena: A bike ride and dinner in prison

Time for us to set out again. This time Cartagena, Colombia.

We’d been talking about coming to Colombia for over a year. In fact, the original plan for our winter trip last year was Colombia before it got too expensive and complicated, and we opted for Chile. All that to say, no, we didn’t decide to go to Colombia after watching Narcos on Netflix.

Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better.

If you’re reading this you may know that I’m involved in a new company, the DX Institute. The trade-off for getting to pursue this new opportunity, is the loss of a stable corporate pay cheque. Something that comes in handy when faced with the unfortunate reality of travel costs. As part of our temporary family belt-tightening plan we had a temporary travel ban. I think it lasted 6 weeks. Then Katy found a deal that was too good to pass up. So, here we are.

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