Volcanoes, politics and religion

Whether to climb up a tiny volcano, climb in, and float around in a pool of warm mud isn’t a decision I ever imagined I would be faced with. So, when Katy asked if I thought we should do it, I said sure.


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Shopping in Cartagena and the castle destroying dog of Isleta

After a great day at Playa Blanca, we decided to spend some time wandering around the walled city.

Our primary mission was a stop at the market stalls at Plaza de las Boveda so Katy and Ella could do a little shopping.

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Getting away to Playa Blanca

With daytime temperatures reaching the mid 30’s in Cartagena, a trip to the beach was a pretty obvious activity. Fortunately, Katy had planned for this. While there are many beaches around town, they’re not the nicest and several people suggested we make the trip out to Playa Blanca.

It turned out to be advice we’ll happily pass on to others.

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Cartagena: A bike ride and dinner in prison

Time for us to set out again. This time Cartagena, Colombia.

We’d been talking about coming to Colombia for over a year. In fact, the original plan for our winter trip last year was Colombia before it got too expensive and complicated, and we opted for Chile. All that to say, no, we didn’t decide to go to Colombia after watching Narcos on Netflix.

Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better.

If you’re reading this you may know that I’m involved in a new company, the DX Institute. The trade-off for getting to pursue this new opportunity, is the loss of a stable corporate pay cheque. Something that comes in handy when faced with the unfortunate reality of travel costs. As part of our temporary family belt-tightening plan we had a temporary travel ban. I think it lasted 6 weeks. Then Katy found a deal that was too good to pass up. So, here we are.

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