Three things we learned on the way to Malta

Getting to Malta is actually relatively easy. There’s an international airport with flights coming in regularly from London, Holland, France and, in our case, Rome, among others.

Ferrieha Farm House in Gozo
Ferrieha Farmhouse in Gozo

As I write this, I’m sitting by the pool at our farmhouse in Gozo, but a few hours ago we thought we would be spending a little more time in Rome than planned.

I thought I would share a few things we learned, and really should have known:

  1. When you book flights through an agent like Flight Centre, the airlines don’t necessarily get along and check your bags all the way through.
  2. People look strangely at pregnant women grabbing bags off the carousel and legging it through the airport
  3. Trip interruption insurance only applies if your connecting flights were scheduled more than 2 hours apart, not 1:15.
    1. Insurance companies do this for a reason.

Miraculously, and thanks to some friendly airport security and Air Malta staff, we made our flight from Rome to Malta. Albeit very sweaty, out of breath, and having crammed a full size “you-have-to-check-it” bag through security so they could load it on the plane at the gate.

From the airport in Malta, we had prearranged a ground transfer to get us from the airport to the ferry that would eventually take us to the tiny island of Gozo. When you expect a minivan and you’re picked up by a BWM 3 series, it’s a sign that things are starting to look up. Our driver made the trip across the island fast enough that we pulled up to an earlier ferry than expected, walked right on and well, here we are.

Balcony view Ferrieha - Gozo
View from our Balcony.

We’ll definitely sleep well tonight and look forward to starting to explore Gozo in the morning.

View from our balcony in Gozo.
View from our balcony in Gozo.

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  1. Wow! okay i’m impressed!! My farm house …not so pretty….actually had animals lingering around close by….not all those beautiful scenes of the Mediterranean Sea!! Where are the farm animals hiding???


    1. It’s a pretty nice place. There were animals around, I’ll have you know. There was a stray cat who came by to be fed and somewhere in the area was a rooster who couldn’t tell time.


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