Possibly the most peaceful start to a morning… ever

Unlike some of our other trips, this one is all about relaxation. So it was fitting that after a long day of travel, our first full day on this trip was in the sleepy town of Qala [pronounced ah-la], on Gozo Island.

It’s hard to think of a more peaceful way to start your morning than sitting on your balcony watching the sun rise, birds flying over head, the pool bubbling below and the church bells playing Ave Maria softly in the distance. I don’t know about you, but it’s definitely one of the more pleasant settings to start a morning I’ve ever experienced.

Church in the main square of Qala, Gozo, Malta

After breakfast we decided to head over to Comino and visit the Blue Lagoon. Located between Gozo and Malta, Comino is the smallest inhabited island in the Maltese archipelago. From our farmhouse it’s a short hike along the coast to Hondoq Bay where you’ll find Jonathan and his boat Speed Joy. For 8 euro he’ll take you across the channel to the Blue Lagoon. Or, if you’re looking to see a little more of the island, as we were, for 15 euro he’ll take you on a 20 min boat ride so you can see the caves before he drops you off at the lagoon.

Cave on Comino, Malta

If you’ve ever been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, this one might not be quite as striking, but thankfully it is a little warmer. The water is still a beautiful shade of well, blue. We’re fortunate that our visit comes after the high season has ended, so when we arrived it wasn’t too crowded.

Blue Lagoon before the crowds

Katy at the Blue Lagoon - Comino Island, Malta

Before getting in for a swim we decided to walk up to St. Mary’s Tower on Comino. It’s a short walk, about 30 minutes, and with the heat and Katy being pregnant and all we actually took the 30 minutes we were told it would take. The tower dates from 1618 and was built by order of Grand Master (a title I’d like to take on) Alof de Wignacourt in order to keep watch over the Maltese channel at a time of regular raids by Corsairs.

When we returned to the lagoon it was pretty crowded but we still managed to get a couple of beach chairs under an umbrella (another cost we normally scoff at but which was totally reasonable this time). The lagoon is only a couple of metres deep all the way across and the water is really pleasant. Much to our surprise, we were able to get some good wraps for lunch at one of the food trucks on the island.

We may not have waited the recommended hour before our next swim, but we had arranged with Jonathan to pick us up at 2:00pm so we had a deadline.

Katy taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon on Comino
Katy taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon on Comino

Actually, we were lucky that he would come and get us at 2:00pm. Apparently during the summer season, it’s so crazy that regardless of when you get dropped off, you can’t get picked up until 4:00pm.

Busy Blue Lagoon - Comino Island, Malta
Afternoon crowd at the Blue Lagoon.

Safely back on Gozo, we made the hike back to our farmhouse. As the return trip was uphill in the heat, it was time for a well earned swim.

Dinner in the big city

For dinner we decided to take the bus into Victoria, the main city on Gozo. Fortunately, the public transit system on Gozo is easy to use, if a bit infrequent, so getting to Victoria was easy.

Our plan had been to eat at a restaurant that been recommended to us, Magi. Unfortunately, they decided not to open that day, so after some time walking around the citadel, we settled on a cafe in St. George’s square.

Up next, a Hop on Hop off tour of Gozo.

An extra picture

Ever wonder why the paparazzi pictures of pregnant celebrities all have the same look to them? Apparently Katy knows the secret:

Headline: Is Katy pregnant?

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  1. As the chill in the air arrived here in the Valley yesterday afternoon….the Mediterranean Sea seems to be calling or should i say screaming my name!!! πŸ™‚


    1. Yeah, I would definitely recommend it to anyone look for a place to visit. The coast and water are beautiful and we could really see and feel the different cultures that have had an impact over time.
      Thanks for reading.


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