Arriving in Copenhagen

We’ve arrived in Copenhagen and just like that our latest adventure is underway.

For the first time in years, this trip won’t include any new countries for me. I was here 20 years ago. (I still have a hard time believing that I did anything “20 years ago”, let alone visiting a country.) Both Ella and Katy will be adding to their lists though. This is Katy’s first visit to Denmark while Ella will be visiting both Denmark and Sweden for the first time.

Our flight over was pleasantly uneventful. Ella is even getting better at sleeping on planes and both she and Katy were able to get a few hours of sleep. I’m not, but I did manage to watch three movies and an episode of Angels in America.

When we left Toronto it was around 30 degrees, sunny, and very humid. When we landed in Copenhagen it was… humid.

Normally 19 degrees and pouring rain isn’t ideal weather for visiting a new city. However, if it’s going to happen, the first day after an overnight flight is probably best possible time. Why? We were fairly jet-lagged and really weren’t capable of too much anyway.

After arriving, we took the metro to our apartment downtown. Once again, Airbnb didn’t disappoint. Our place is in the centre of city, just a few blocks from the Kongens Nytorv metro station, and is very nice. We’re new to the concept, but I think it’s fair to say that had we lit a few candles, this place has hygge.


We took a little time to settle in and I had a quick nap to make up for my lack of sleep on the plane. Too much time napping is a recipe for disaster when it comes to adapting quickly to a new timezone though so we decided to head out and go for an initial walk around.

Our first stop was Kaf’ Bar, a little cafe around the corner for a quick lunch. There we got another taste of hygge, and some great sandwiches.


With full bellies and, more importantly, caffeinated, we headed back out into the rain to get our bearings in Copenhagen with our traditional hop-on-hop off bus ride.


Given our general level of fatigue and the rain, we didn’t do too much hoping, but Ella and Katy did get out to visit the Little Mermaid.


Eventually, the jet lag combined with the heat and motion of the bus got the better of Ella (and me).


After getting cleaned up back at the apartment we headed out for dinner at one of the many nearby restaurants, Cantina.

We eat out with Ella a lot, especially when we travel. She’s generally good, but we’ve also found it really helpful to bring along things to keep her entertained during the inevitable waits. On this occasion, Katy got a little caught up in the “spot the differences” game too.


Dinner was a success, not just because the food was great, but none of us fell asleep on our plates. It was close though and we were all happy to get back to the apartment and crawl into bed.

Tomorrow we’ll take on our 2nd ‘B’ of the three B’s of exploring Copenhagen, and perhaps the most appropriate, bikes!

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