Chasing dolphins and turtles in Oman

It’s kind of sad that Steve and the gang (a.k.a Canada’s current governing party) can cause us trouble, even on the other side of the globe, but that’s just what happened.

For the GAdventures group that we had arrived in Muscat with, the final destination on the trip was a return to Dubai. However, thanks a political tiff between Canada and the UAE government, part of Steve’s efforts to make us a less well-liked country, we couldn’t return to Dubai with the group.

Fortunately, they Oman hadn’t been offended yet and we were able to stay with the group for a quick tour of Muscat, including a visit to the palace grounds, even if they didn’t actually let us in the door.

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Can you train a donkey to use the litter?

Waking up in Nizwa, there was little need for a weather forecast. It was going to be hot, sunny and humid. After some breakfast at the hotel, we headed over to the Nizwa fortress. Like the others we had visited or seen at Jabrin and Bahla, it had the familiar smooth lines and has been kept in great condition.

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5 signs it’s hot in Oman

How hot is it in Oman? Here are 7 indicators of just how hot it is here:


7. Dry clothes are a mythical thing you think you once experienced.
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The upside of a sleepless night in the desert? The sunrise.

The upside of a sleepless night in the desert? It’s really easy to get up early for the sunrise.

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From the glass towers of Dubai to the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi

Right now, I’m sitting in a building of sorts at the Jebel Shems Heights Guesthouse in the Hajar Mountains in Oman. It’s a beautiful, almost lunar landscape. There are few people around, no Internet connection, and not much to do once you’ve been for a hike and the sun is setting, so it’s a perfect opportunity for a couple of catch-up posts once we do connect again.

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