5 signs it’s hot in Oman

How hot is it in Oman? Here are 7 indicators of just how hot it is here:


7. Dry clothes are a mythical thing you think you once experienced.

6. Your sunglasses fog up as soon as you step outside.

5. The glue holding your camera together starts to disintegrate.

4. Even the most proper looking, well dressed person will quickly resort to plopping the cold towel on their head at dinner. (4a. They offer cold towels at dinner.)

3. When you come across a sinkhole filled with water, you jump in, bathing suit be damned.

2. Your hotel offers unlimited bottled water for fear you might die without it.

1. You are genuinely concerned that your thermometer might burst.

This was taken inside the van, with the air conditioning on. With the humidex, the temperature must have been well over 50 degrees outside.

6 thoughts on “5 signs it’s hot in Oman

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  1. Another reason to love Canada!! our heat has finally arrived here…now my question is “Do they have black flies?”



  2. Well, Phoenix is going to reach 40 or more most days this week, but the humidex there will be, well, 40.


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