Exploring Table Mountain

Without our personal guides in Cape Town to show us all the ins and outs from a local perspective, we decided to hit up the town in true tourist style. If you’ve read posts like this one, or this one, or even this one from previous trips, you know that this sometimes means a City Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus.


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Lions and cheetahs and penguins… wait, what?!

When you tell someone in North America that you’re going to go to Africa and that you’re looking forward to seeing some wildlife, penguins aren’t what come to mind. I understand, you think more Lion King than March of the Penguins. Of course sometimes you speak with someone from Texas who warns you not to get Ebola. Helpful advice.  Then again, Africa is a pretty large continent and Cape Town is much farther from the current outbreak in West Africa than say all of Texas is from the case in Houston… Sorry, that’s a rant for another time.

Back to the penguins. Sure enough, one of the many, many things there are to do in this part of South Africa is to visit some wild penguins. A prospect that got Ella more than a little excited.

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Two new views of Cape Town

Having monopolized their time for several days, we decided to give Kevin and Vanessa the morning off. Actually, they had agreed to come with us to Robben Island but the tickets were all sold out. Despite that disappointment,  I’m sure the time to get back to their own lives, at least for a morning, was welcome.

We, on the other hand, decided to do the opposite of going back to our normal lives and took a bit of a flyer. We decided to take a helicopter ride around Cape Town.

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If nothing else, this will teach you the meaning of Rumbullion

Our second full day in Cape Town started with a trip to the Neighbourgoods Market in the Woodstock area of the city. If you’re from Toronto like us, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s similar to the Distillery District. It’s an old factory, in this case the Old Biscuit Mill that has be revitalized as a market full of local artists and specialty goods sellers.

Neighbourgoods Market, Cape Town
Neighbourgoods Market, Cape Town

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Bouncing around The Range

Sure, we don’t have any luggage but we’re in South Africa, we had a decent night’s sleep, and the weather is beautiful. In sum, we have nothing to complain about. With a little jet-lag (though less than expected) and my having caught a cold on the flights over, our first morning was a fairly relaxed one. Our only goal for the morning was to swing by the shops to pick up some essentials. Good thing too, as that afternoon Kevin and Vanessa had much more exciting things planned, especially for Ella.

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